My Car's on Fire.

Since I got my crappy car out of the shop last week, I've been noticing this awful reekage. Kinda like gasoline, but super strong when I idle.

I asked some people at work what the problem could be; they told me to just ignore it, since it prolly has the "out of the shop, new parts smell", and would most likely go away in a few days.

So I head to my folks' house and explain I'd be going to the mall for this cute pair of boots I wanted, and my mother said to go right then, since ULTA is right there and I could return something for her.

This would mean I'd have to drive to the other side of the city immediately, as opposed to waiting til I got out of work tomorrow, in which case I'd already be on the west side - and I guess it was ultimately a good thing I went the extra distance.


The smell was horrible, and in fact, I had JUST passed my building when the reek turned into outright burning stink. As I pulled up to the intersection, full-on smoke came billowing out of my heat vents, and rose into the air from the seams along the hood.

I dunno anything about cars, but I DO know action movies. All I could think of was, I ain't fuckin' blowing up... at least not before I get my boots : D

Traffic should feel lucky I bothered to hit my 4-way hazard lights before I shut the engine off and ran into the Chinese/Pizza restaurants parking lot to call 911.

"Um... I think my car is on fire...."

I've never seen emergency vehicles respond so fast. I had firetrucks and cop cars surrounding me 30 seconds after I hung up the phone. What happened?

The fucking IDIOTS that serviced my car never put the caps back on after they changed the oil and recycled the engine fluids, leaving various parts sitting on my engine block to MELT. In turn, all the fluid bubbled up and all over my engine, mixing together and heating up to the point they ignited.

If I hadn't shut off the engine, I woulda had a fire the size of a school bus. Of course, I couldn't just go back home. So I had to wait at that disgusting pizza place for an hour waiting for a tow truck. The guy was so nice, at least he didn't charge me for the 3 miles over what insurance covered for the service.

As for the repair shop.... my dad is fucking livid. Now HE'S gonna have to take me to work tomorrow, and we'll just see how fast they clean up their fucking mess and re-do the oil for free... I'll give em til' 5:00.

Cuz a burning car is one thing, but separating a chick from the second-to-last pair of cute boots exclusive to one shop at Christmastime is another thing!
Uploaded 12/13/2011
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