My cat Houdini.

About 4 months I posted a blog saying how we got our new kitten.My mom brought it home. We named her Houdini. We have taken care of it and nurtured it and had to give it milk from a bottle.'A very difficult task.' Any way I have finally uploaded a picture to Ebaums showing her next to her bottle.

I think she is an adorable cat now and no longer such a hassel watching for it. The cat is now starting to play with our other cat Mittens. And in return Mittens is no longer trying to kill her.My cat Houdini seems to have been like a child to me in a way.The main reason I am posting this blog is because I might have reached a little bit of self-actualization. Over these months. I feel as if i have been a bit more mature now then I would have a year ago. And have come to realize I am starting my own life now. I have job I've helped others and even given people I know wisdom. And have realized I need to reach the rest of my self-actualization. I am leaving this site until I can reach it so I may be gone for months, days, or even years. 

  I may be on from time to time but for the majority I am leaving And probably won't be bach for a long long time. Heh to think This blog started with my cat and is ending with me leaving very interesting.

P.S. here is a picture of this life changing cat. to me anyway.

P.S.S. The link is to piss off Ugdork about his cat blog too a little lol.

This is Codyage's hiatus on Ebaums for an unknown time. 

Uploaded 01/09/2009
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