My Charitable Heart

Recently a young, lost soul has asked the bloggers for help in getting a swag pack. Since he's not good at writing or doesn't even know what to write about, he was hoping to get some tips from people here on how to blog. This terrible faux pas resulted in actual bloggers calling him an ebone whore, which he admitted to be.

"Ill admit I am a ebone whore lol, I want that damn swag pack to show my support
of the website, while I drink me a cold beer in my bitchin ass ebaum's koozie." - SLACKJAW

Everybody knows I'm one of the kindest and coolest people on this website. I've decided to take pity on SLACKJAW and offer to give him 10k ebones, so he's closer to his swag pack. I'm an ebone millionaire and they don't want to send me my prizes to Sydney. That's because they are racists and send ebone visas to 3rd world countries like Canada, but won't ship them to Australia. Anywho, I have a lot of ebones and if Pepperpeanut or Macdreidel can transfer 10 000 of them from my account to yours, I'll be happy to help you reach your dream. Just remember, don't spam my section with unnecessary blogs written just for points. This is a place for intellectual disputes.

You don't need to thank me for my wonderful gesture. I'm awesome like that.

Uploaded 08/10/2011
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