MY childhood HOROR!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi ,I'm zozs,and im going to tell you about My childhood horor. Well it all started at the sweet tender age of 8 and a half, anywho   i was playing B-ball with my brothers and a friend(there friend )so it was my turn to throw and "there Friend"throws the ball at my sweet side of my ribs and the air gets "Knocked The Fuck Out!"...............anyway i started to walk to the front door and my foor steps into a helmet and it "Turns"    and i "turn" with it, slip, and my face completly "PLASTERS"   an "piller" ( the big block on the side of the stairs for you morons) and i get "Knocked The Fuck Out"   and i wakeup on the stairway with my brothers and "there friend" are stairing at my face and there yelling and crying for our mom (wonderful ladie)and she comes out and there friend "   "   runs home crying and im takin to the E.R. and theres kids and old fags stairing at me . (i have no clue what was going on at the time) so my mom said to get some sleep , so i try and right when im falling asleep, the stupid doctor walks in and said "Were going to get you in to surgery" so my mom and dad start crying and im just there thinking "am i going to get some sleep or what ,its like 3:37 in the A.M. and im tired " so my mom and dad start to tell me "your going into surgery,so dont be scared ,( they were crying at the time) and then they say ,"well be there every "step" of the way" and im thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS THERE PROBLEM ,CANT THEY SEE IM HURT ,AND THERE ALREADY MAKING JOKES ABOUT IT,STEP ,..... STEP ,. COME ON , THATS SO FAGORETO , so i fell on the steps and there joking about it ,.... "   so the doctors start the stich plan  on my face right below the left side of my lips , all the way under the chin, and they dont even put me on the meds, im there in horifick pain and there there stiching my fuckin face ( i bet they were lafghing in side , becuase i was ) and im there just whaiting for my crappy comedien pearents to show up and drug me already , when they did show up, the "DOCTORS" were half way done ,Then thay put the watery drugs in my vain "vains"and im still NOT asleep and the blood is allover me ,(but dont worry ,the nice doc assis put a cover over the last pisce of colorful thing ill ever ware ) so,... after that , i ,fill ,that its necicery,to ,..... hate , every living pisce of crap hag and live on like i dont give a shit , and just ,...... well, live..... , hope you liked "My childhood Horor!,.               one last comment,.    FUCK YOU ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JUST NOT DOCTORS or pearents for the mater ,those kind or people suck)    one last word , "bye"

Uploaded 09/20/2008
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