My Craigslist Masterpiece

I actually posted this ad for a fake girlfriend on Craigslist:


So heres the deal: I just got a new job at a store that employs several very attractive men and women. I kind of have some self esteem issues, so I think if I had a girlfriend I would not only be more confident, but appear better looking to all the women there (Chicks dig a man with a girlfriend).

Unfortunately, the whole girlfriend thing has never really worked well for me. I mean, I'm a good looking guy, but my personality kinda gets in the way. I can never take things very seriously, and that doesn't suit well with the Ladies.

Job duties would include visiting me at work, displaying mild bf/gf activities, and occasionally bringing me Dinner (you will be paid in advance for food).

Now, here's the deal. I will pay you to come into the store (It's in Portage) and pretend to be my girlfriend. Here's why you should respond:

- Will negotiate payment per visit

- Possible discounts at store on certain Calendar Dates

- No excessive physical contact/kissing needed (Although welcomed!)


I am looking for a "goody-goody" or classy type girl. These will make me look even better in the eyes of my co-workers.

But wait! There's more!

When you agree to this deal, you also get my amazing sense of humor, which may keep you entertained for hours!


Respond now!

Uploaded 08/24/2009
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