MY DAD! and his chicken

Im embarrassed of my Dad because hes Fat, ugly, old and he makes jokes that arent funny and he smells really bad because he has a colostomy bag and mrsa. BUt the Fatass is acually good for something... TOday I bought some chicken at Albertsons and the stoopid ass mexican bitch that gave it to me gave us dried up tiny ,little pieces it was fucking RIDICULOUS! when i brought the food home to my fatass dad he was smilieing but when he opened the box it was like he turned into the HUlK but instead of GreEn... he turned PURPLE!!! .. and then he made me and him go allll the wayyy back to Albertsons to complain. i wanted to convince him it wasnt a big deal but he LOOKed Crazy so I  FUCked off,,, and OMG!!! he started yelling at the little  manager  guy and he threw the box at him and he demanded them get us some fresh REAL chicken .. but not only did they give us some fresh chicken it was Crispy and HUGE! and they filled our box :) and for wasting our time they gave us 2lbs of coslaw and potatoe salad and for some reason they gave us donuts!! :) haha and the Mexican BITCH who gave me the chicken looked fuckin soo scared hahaha  i dont think i have EVER been more proud of my dad... 

Uploaded 09/14/2010
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