Aint nothin get my dick hard like a bitch with a rediculous nasty big booty!!! I aint talkin bout no average big booty I'm talking bout all up inyour face big booty nigga!!!!!! Reminds of a story bout a bitch with a booty so big she could smuggle every nigga in haiti in dat thang!    Her name was shaqueefa, every nigga in da hood be tryna hook up with her. The day I saw her booty was the day I fell in love, She was wearin super short daisy dukes with that big bubble but stickin right out with coochie sweat drippin out her booty crack. Dat booty was so big she musta had to wipe her ass with construction paper, I said DAYUUUUMN as that big booty bitch passed by. Bitch didn't even glance at me I hesitated to give her booty a smack in fear of my arm being engulfed in cellulite. the next day I saw her again and gathered up da courage to talk to her, I dressed as ghetto thug-nigga as possible, wearin baggy lowriders saggin my pants to my knees, with a big old spinnin rim chain around my neck wearin gucci shoes. I approached her and her rediculous booty when I cop stopped by, all the other niggas in the area yelled fuck the police to impress shaqueefa, but I knew I had to be the nigga dat stood out so I did the most hood rat gangsta shit a nigga had ever did. I approached the police car, jumped on da hood pulled down my pants, squatted and dropped a nasty brick size turd right on the hood of dat police car. All da niggas in da hood jaws dropped, even shaqueefas, I had just done the most gangsta thing ever done. I approaced shaqueefa lookin like da coolest cat in da hood, when two cracka police officers tackled me and tazered the fuckin shit outta me than carried me to the cruiser, the last thing II could remember was me being in da back of da police car and seeing shaqueefa say "I LOVE YOU CRACKROCKJACK!". I had done it, I had impressed shaqueefa, but I never saw her again I spent 1 year in prizon and when I got out I was da most respected nigga in da hood. but I always wondered what about to my darling shaqueefa.
Uploaded 03/18/2012
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