My day at the supermarket

I was at the store today (March 3, 2008) shopping for food to eat for lunch. As i entered down the bread and paper products aisle there were three kids aged around 10-13. They were playing catch with the toilet papers, and it was obvious that they were not intending to buy them. There were unrolled toilet papers all over the place. Since this occured at night, none of the staff noticed or just did not care.

So, I took matters into my own hands. I went up to those kids, knocked them straight down on their asses, clotheslining one of them. I think one of the kids were hurt since he was bleeding all over the place, but he kept screaming so I just thought he was being a little bitch.

After that I started taking out items from my cart and throwing it at their faces. I started with the soaps, then i moved on to the frozen 21lb turkey I was buying for the family. Right to the face! I'm pretty sure I gave one of those kids a concussion, but hey, if you want to mess around in the store you need to know the consequences.

Uploaded 05/04/2008
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