My day thus far Saturday, August 16, 2008

I woke up this morning around four am and got in the shower. After showering and brushing my teeth I got dressed to go to work. I got on the interstate since I have to travel to another city for my job. I arrived there around 8 am and starting in on my cutting list. (I'm a butcher) I found that today I typically was slower than I usually am and got a little behind because of it. i'm still wondering why I was so slow today. Either way, I only took one fifteen minutes break because of the slowness and got home around 4:30pm. After getting here mom went out to get something to eat, I'm currently sitting here waiting on my food. That's how my day's been so far. If you must be negative in the comments I see a few things you could pick out so i'll defend them in advance. Butcher is a shitty job... Yeah, probably but it's putting me over $10 and hour and got full time. I'm just nineteen, saving for college. not like I'm 40-something just starting out in this. Also the staying at home thing, once again, nineteen. Also, makes it easier to save up when I don't have rent/utilities/etc... And some may wanna call me a fatass, etc for the fastfood thing. I'm in pretty good shape so that's not going to work either. Not posting this for comments or ratings, posting this just because I want to. I'd prefer no comments/ratings but that won't happen. Seems some people make a habit of going from blog to blog inserting their smart ass comments which i suppose makes them feel better about their own pathetic life. And if you "don't care how my day was" Why the hell did you click on the link? "My day thus far" Pretty clear what you're getting into.

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