My dear and fellow EbaumsWorld users

I bid you adieu - Thank you for the many shitty days that you have turned into good ones. Many shitty moods, into better ones. Gloomy days in to a day where I can smile. and sad days, a day where I could log on and laugh my ass off.

Thank you for posting for me to leave a good comment, and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to the fucktards who left shitty media, as I loved to badger you and make fun of you - you made my day.

Anyways, enough of my bullshit, lol - VUE's are pieces of shit anyways, I bought one, was broken out of the box - what the fuck? "Customer Service" my ass; assholes didn't want to fix it. APPLE ALL THE WAY BITCHES; and if you do own a vue and think its sooooo much better, shut up you loner who has no friends and just wants to be oh-so-cool for owning a shitty MP3 player thats as big as a cassette player; and is made of inferior components by a small boy named quang in a sweatshop in china, who receives 50 lashings and a small bowl of rice a day. let us pause for quang... ok thats enough pausing.

Thanks for the many explanations I received.

Anyhoo... emo kids are retarded, worth 1000 points while driving. Asians are super bonuses, old people are worth 50 and you can't hit a white person because that sends you DIRECTLY TO HADES. Haha.

I shall be here to badger any shitty submission... any submission for that matter for it is not a quality eBaum submission - seriously, save your time.


Thank you faithful users! You made me a happy clown with an eternal sad face. =)

Uploaded 02/01/2009
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