My Dearest Wife!

If my wife had any desire to write blogs or express herself in this medium, she would blow the socks off any one here. She's a pain in the ass to argue with because she always wins. That's why I love her so much. No matter what her state, it's like battling a giant monster as you struggle for breath. Sure I get in the odd jab, but she always finishes with the coup de jour.
Any how, I have to say, despite my incredible patience and love for the peeps I've met here, I feel I have nothing more to write about. I've literally laid my self on the table and opened up my eternal soul. I'm glad I did because I don't see what other purpose there is to life, other than sharing experiences with others. 

That trending feature in blogs has really got me thinking, " What the Fuck am I doing? It's obvious, no one gives a shit for what I think." They prefer vegetarian flip flops and dead Olympic piss pots. It is what it is, and I fool myself to think any different.  

Uploaded 08/03/2012
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