my dirtbike story part 2

for part one, read "for better need, in a time of desperation". So like I said, my little 110 was just slowly climbing up this trail to go back up to the clearing, with my two friends on dirt bikes behind me, once in a while falling over, whether the fact that their bikes were too big for trails, or the fact that all three of us were drunk.

I got up to the clearing, way ahead of them. I sat their with my trike at idle and the light pointing off into the trees. I could hear them going raaaaammmmm raaaaa raaaa buh buh buh a little off down the trail. I turn off my trike to conserve fuel. Put a dip in and sat sideways on my seat, looking up at the stars and contemplating.

Now I don't need to point out that I felt like i wasn't alone right then and there, most people do in the dark in the woods. there's critters runnin about everywhere up there. rabbits, owls even coyotee way off on another mountain. Anyone from california knows that it's a bad idea to be alone, in the dark, in the mountains, and I'll explain why here in a second.

My two friends finally get up to the clearing where I am, and cut out the bikes so we can hear ourselves think. Well as we were disgussing wether to go back down the way we came, or chose one of the other two trails, one of my friends took his light and was looking at all the options.

me and buddie start talkin about how we need to get up early tomarrow for family photos, damn I hate that shit, and we will look and smell like a drunk tomarrow... "Shut up!" my friend says just loud enough to get our attention. His light was fixed on the upper half of a tree up on a hill not but a rocks throw from us. Look he said. I squinted and saw two eyes looking back at us. its just an owl man, I said. No, it sure wasn't an owl, it was a mountain lion. it jumped down out of the tree, and started walking slyly towards us, down the hill.It was so dark I just barely made out the silouette of the cats slender body. enough to scare the shit out of all three of us. we hopped on our bikes and raced down the hill. the scary part was that one of my buddies bikes ran out of gas on the way back down the hill. If we had kept goin, we would have been in quite a fix. Found out the next day the trail was about 10 miles long, if we had decided to keep going, and not saw that cat.

Uploaded 11/02/2009
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