My Dog

Well in late June I brought my dog in to the vet to have surgery on it's leg because it was limping on it real bad and was just swollen as fuck. The surgery went good and apparently it had maggots in it or something fucked up like that. So we had to keep the dog inside until it healed, well it didn't heal after like 3 weeks so we just put it outside and wrapped its leg... and that somehow worked and it healed up pretty good.


The last week she has finally been healing up real good on her legs, all happy and what not (its just a small dog) running around...finally healed.


Anyway, today, me and my dad were hauling some shit into our back yard with our trailers, and my dog likes to lay in the shade, well today it was hot and she decided to lay under one of the tires on the trailer. I told my dad to go ahead because it was clear on both sides, he pulls up a little bit and all I hear is the crunching of bones and a sad sigh come out of her mouth gargling in her own blood pretty much, I screamed for my dad to stop and I see her flattened out with a pool of blood around her and her eyeballs almost out and intestines poking out a little bit (sorry its gross) and just completely compressed. I fell to my knees and sobbed.... I wish I would've known that was her last breath :( :( :( :(


Actually, that was a lie, but really my dad pulled ahead and ran over my dogs leg that was just fixed and she limped off and won't come out from under the deck. Not sure if it's broken or not, but will have to wait until the morning.


Fuck off.



Uploaded 07/27/2009
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