My drug dealer is dead

I went to a small private business school in northern michigan. It was basically all rich white kids and then they would recruit their athletes from rough cities like flint, saginaw, and detroit.

My drug dealer freshman year, was a really nice kid from detroit who called himself Q. Q was no angel. He would go back to the D everyweekend and comeback with a different new car. Obv he was moving weight. I gotta call from my buddy last week with news I always knew would come, I just didnt know he would go out the way he did.

My friend told me that Q had been murdered over the weekend. His mom received a ransom note on a friday night, because Q was kidnapped. She got the money together and paid it. No one heard anything from the kidnapper until Q was dropped off on his moms front porch early Sunday morning with 10 to the chest, dead. His 8 year old sister found him.

It didnt make me sad because we had grown apart since we both left school. It really made me think about how many kids get the short end of he stick. Life never really gave Q a chance. He sold drugs to help his mom make ends meet and to provide necessities for his little sisters. His only chance in life to get out of detroit was to play D3 football with basically no chance of getting drafted.

Just makes me appreciate what I have that much more.

End note: Q allegedly stuck up a runner for $10gs of heron, which is why he is dead.


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