my experience

one time this kid was out of town and he had a half pipe in his backyard. me and four friends were bored so we said fuck it and went over and skated it anyway. so two of my friends were really thirsty and decided to go inside for a sec to get a drink.  well as our luck would have it right after they went in some lady comes through the back gate to check up on their house and asks the three of us still on the pipe if were allowed to be there.. we said were not sure and she just says she doesn't think we should be so we  leave and you  would think no big problem right???? well it didn't work out that way as were leaving we see her go in the back door of the house..... so my friend that im with tries to call one of the kids in the house. he hears him say hello then it hangs up. so the three of us are freaked out and start walking to the kids house we were with.. we will call him ty . so ty calls the same kid again and we will call him ry. ry says he ran from some lady that came in the house  and as he was going out the lady says shes calling the cops. well the other kid in the house, mike , got caught and we found out later that he was taken to the police station . but right now were sitting at tys and after a long time we thought it would be ok to go back to the skate park and when we get there everyones like  dude the cops were just here like five seconds ago looking for you and new all your names, so we pretty much book it to rys house because we live in kinda a small town so chances are cops would be looking for us. so the other friend we were with that didn't get caught , joe,  calls us and says that the kid who was taken in ( mike ) told them our first names but thats it cause his parents make him but no last names.they found out our last names because the people who's house it was came back and were looking to press charges and they're son all new our last names once he new our first names. so were hiding out at rys house when the kid (quinn) starts fucking texting ry and ty fucking saying shit like they're  coming for you and that shit. but the cops dont cum to his house so me and ty go home... me and ty never got in trouble but ry got taken in to the police station and questioned and shit. i never know what happened to joe and mike and ry were grounded for forever.and the thing i remember most from that night is that shitty feeling you get when you dont know if your gonna get in trouble and how pissed your parents will be . we all thought that douche quinn was our bud and he was for a while but then he thinks that ry and mike stole some shit even after bein buds for a while and helps them look for us ... i just thought of this when ezplayer posted his cops blog and thought id share my experience with the cops.

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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