My fantabulous weekend.

My weekend I have to say was pretty awesome. Friday ngiht I went to fear fest again. Then when I got home I went out with my friend Ryan.

Don't get to pissy and judgemental about this but sometimes I do weed. Who cares. Im not some dumb ass who lets it ruin their life. I only do it on weekends and when I did it this weekend it was the first time I did it in like 3-4 months.

My ex who I am friends with now is the one I got weed from. His step dad has a grow op so he always has a tone of it.

I went out with Ryan again last night and it was really cold so we decided to go to Rick's house. It was hilarious when I walked in. Rick's parents Anne and Mike were sitting on the couch like passing out. The last time I saw them was over a year ago when I was dating their son. We all went up stairs and went into RIcks stoner room. The last time I was int hat room it was completely normal. But when i went in I almost peed myself laughing. The walls were covered in writing in permanent marker. There were couches and random lawn chairs. Speakers and amps stacked halfway up the wall. Random guitars lying around. It was pretty intense.

I have not been that high ever in my life. I was just lying across a chair smiling. Rick pluged his laptop into the speakers and played the super mario theme song. That is the most trippy song ever to lsiten to when high. It made me all ansty and shit.

When I got home I was totaly and utterly baked. I was lying on my bed trying to get my jeans off but ebcause they were skinny jeans they got stuck around my ankles. I dont think I have ever had the munchies as bad as I did last ngiht. Man it was intense. I ate an entire thing of rainbow chips ahoy cookies. I jsut lied there eating them. They tasted like jesus.

Now I think I might do weed a little more often but I am deffinately not going to let it affect my life. Im never doing it during the week.

Uploaded 10/26/2008
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