My Favourite Albums Growing Up.

We're so lucky to be able to cruise the internet and listen to whatever song we want . You have no idea how valuable that is. I come from a generation where either you just accepted pop music for free on the radio or you had to drop about $10 to $20  on an album. From the age of thirteen to eighteen I bought perhaps two albums a year. Columbia records had a local manufacturing plant in my area and I was able to collect a large amount of records and tapes by dumpster diving. Still, my favourite memories at that time revolve around a few albums. The music literally haunts me in every day life. It's not a bother because I truly love it, but I can hear it at any part of my day despite what might be actually playing or other sounds occurring around me.

Anyhow, those albums are Jetho Tull's Thick as a Brick, Queen's, Night at the Opera, Pink Floyd's, The Wall, and Carol King's, Tapestry. These sounds literally guide my every movement. I love them! We had a modern, at the time, Telefunkin stereo cabinet with hifi sound, that I used to blast when no one was home and smoke a joint or pop some acid. It was, absolutely fantastic. 

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