My First And Probably Last Blog The Sin Of Re-Posting

We all look up videos to put on this site in the hopes it will get good ratings, lots of views and most importantly, featured on the front page. So there's a race to get the best ones on here that everyone knows is popular. That in turn leads to people posting stuff that's already been posted. We call them re-posts around here. We all know it's going to happen, we are going to be  guilty of doing it at one time or another. Here's the thing I don't understand. Seeing two to three videos that have been re-posted with the SAME EXACT TITLE! I'm not just talking about noobs doing it either, It is rampant and inexcusable from a lot of different users. Yes re-posts are going to happen, yes I'm sure I'm  going to do it again, but if someone has a video they're about to put up and it's already up with the same exact title, or it's tagged that it's so easy to find, I would hope, and I'm sure most of you would hope, that it wouldn't be put it up.  Having said that, I just put a lot of pressure on myself not to ever do that, but if I do, I'm an IDIOT!!! HAHAHA

Much love to all my EBAUM brothers and sisters, even to the ones who would like to see me burn in hell.
Uploaded 12/07/2011
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