My first blog. Uh oh. Let the Flaming Begin



Even though the elections are in three weeks there seem to be many political blogs, and because this is something that I feel passionately about I thought I would make my first blog about politics. 

I find it interesting that so many Republicans are saying all of this shit about Obama, such as he associates with terrorists, hangs out with thugs, is a Muslim, IS a terrorist, wants to bring about the destruction of America, etc etc.   I am not going to make this an attack blog against McCain even though that would be extremely easy.  However I will just use a few key words that represent McCain's ideals and where he stands.  1. Keating 5 (If you think ACORN or Ayers is bad, look at this).  2. Flip Flopping (McCain has changed positions on so many of his issues recently, and I am talking about from 2000 when he was moderate, to now when changed to seem ultra-conservative to appeal to his base. 3. Stance on Economy. 4. Stance on Healthcare.


If you want more details as to why McCain's stances and affiliations on those issues are questionable then ask me and I will give you proof.  Note that I just listed four things, the list could be as long as need be if I felt like it. 

Now as to why Obama is the better candidate not only on his issues but also on his character.  First I will talk about his character.  Obama has spent a vast majority of his life helping people.  He would go out of his way to help others in need and this is not only shown through his years as a community organizer but also through this little story that I find amazing.   I will summarize it up and also give the link to the story if you want it, but it tells about a women who was unable to afford an airplane ticket to Norway to see her newlywed husband and as she was crying and considering what to do some random stranger came up to her and gave her the 100 something dollars that she had to do.  It turns out that this stranger was Barack Obama who at the time had just graduated from college.  (Therefore it was not election publicity because it happened so long ago that he had no idea that anyone would care about it 20 years in the future)  Here is the link


Now on to Obama's policies.   His policies may be more left leaning that the current administration but they are not communist ideals.  All he wants to do is change America back to what it was originally supposed to be and recreate the "American Dream".  As it stands it is practically impossible for someone to change class levels.  If you are born poor, you will stay poor and your kids will be poor.  However, this is not the American Dream and everyone should have a chance.  Obama wants to make it so that these people will have a chance to make a life for themselves, he wants to make college more affordable, healthcare available to all.  One of the amazing things is that he wants to make it illegal for health care providers to discrimante against people with already existing cases.  That is absolutely HUGE!  As it stands anyone with some sort of disease or condition is hard put to find a health care that would put them on, with Obama as president you would not have to worry about that.  He wants to reduce the dependence on foreign oil and do it under a believable timeline that is actually plausible.  His tax plans are sound, as his running mate he has one of the most experienced politicians that there is, both Republican and Democrat.  His plan for an Iraqi withdrawal is actually approved by the government of Iraq.  Now this blog is getting extremely long and if anyone has actually read it up to this point then I will be amazed.  I can keep on going but will leave it at this.


Obama's change is nothing truly new.  His ideas are revolutionary for the time but they are fundamental in effect.  He wants to make America what it is supposed to be, where the "American Dream" is possible and he wants to make the United States a nation that is respected by everyone else.  Obama would change America and reinvent our image to the world.  Now let the flaming begin.

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