My first blog

So I've been watching the blog section for about a week or so and decided I'd make an account.  This place is pretty fucked up and full of a lot of people who have no clue what the fuck they're doing, so I figured I would come in and straighten things out for you.  Being a man, fixing things comes naturally to me.

I cant honestly say I take this place very seriously.  I mean, from what I can tell some cute little 19 year old asian chick runs the place, and everyone knows women don't know shit about running anything.  Its why no one gets along here, because women are terrible leaders and she is no exception.  I guarantee the biggest idiot male on this site could do a hundred times better simply because he actually thinks things through and has a plan.  But like anything women get their hands on, MrsNekoJeans has converted what may have been a place to blog into a steaming pile of shit.  Honestly babe, I know you're dying for attention but you'd be a lot better off just posting pictures of yourself in the mature section.  Hell, I may even swing by and check them out if you do.  Hopefully you didn't pull a fat chick maneuver and take a picture from the neck up to hide the fact that you're dumpy and unattractive from the shoulders down.

Ladies, before you go lighting your torches and calling me a fag or accusing me of having a 1 inch dick like women always do when they don't have a valid argument (which is pretty much all the time), don't take this the wrong way.  I don't dislike women in the slightest.  I appreciate them much in the same way I appreciate a fine Cognac or a nice cigar.

Some of you seem all right.  Maybe in time we can come to be e-buddies or whatever you people call each other.  I really don't plan on spending a whole lot of time on here because I'm a busy man (the former a result of being the latter) but I'll check back in from time to time and impart some of my manly wisdom on all of you.
Uploaded 09/01/2011
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