My First Encounter with a Male Prostitute.

I was feeling kind of lonely and had a stiffy. I saw this hot dude and thought.... No I'm just kidding....

Here is the real story. It was midnight and my wife needed some goodies, (that's what she calls them), I pull up to the front of the late night pharmacy in a seedy part of town. It is a no stop zone, but I stop and let my wife out. I drive around the corner and park at the back of the pharmacy.

The lighting is dim, I light up a smoke and then the passenger door opens a male transvestite gets in and offers me a hand job for twenty bucks or a blow for fifty. I check to see how much cash I have.... No, just kidding.  I tell him I wasn't interested and he gets all upset. He asks me if it is because he looks too much like a man. I explain, " no, no not at all, its just that my wife is in the store and will be returning shortly." He says, "OK how about a quick hand job for ten bucks?" I assure him that I am not interested and ask him to leave the vehicle. He gets all huffy and says, "at least give me a smoke for wasting my time."

Well, I gave him a cigarette and he exits the car in a huff. My wife got in the car without seeing the transvestite, and says, "I hate being a women, it's really awful." I just look straight at her and say, "yeah, but thank God you're not a man." 


P.S. Could someone please remove that horrible picture of Mizuka in the side bar, it is so ugly!
Uploaded 12/30/2010
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