My First Feature

Hey all,

First of all I'd like to say I hope everyone had a good holiday. It seems that most of us actually got away from the computer for the most part (judging on the drop in comments, uploads, and general eBaum's activity).

I recently was featured for the first time and although it's not much of an accomplishment, I still feel pride.  Thanks very much to everyone has has rated, commented, and subscribed.  Most of my uploads reflect my own personal interests and the feedback is appreciated. Also, I used to forget that there's an entire team of people who manage the content and features of the website, so kudos to all staff, mods, etc.

eBaum'sWorld has many qualities that make it a unique place.  Greatly dependent on attracting new users and keeping the ones we have, we couldn't have this experience without the eBaum's pros and veterans.  There are many but here are my honorable mentions, in no particular order, the people who in my opinion, make the site what it is: Eastside_Dave, lorddread, B_Town_Miss, DreaD08, lankgaglia, EggOnlyEgg, berv, axp090909, creepingjennie, AWSmith, noigraud, bluenote67, WhyNot, mynameisnobody, micrkr, Ellimem, and CarGirl.  I'm certain I forgot some people and I promise to get you guys in the next round, especially my subscribers because I don't know who all of you are!

My overall experience over the past 2-3 years here on eBaum's has inspired me to start capturing life in the eyes of myself and my friends, and in the new year I will be starting to submit some of my work that will be entirely original to this website, so I'm hoping to stick around and be a part of it all.

So thanks again to all, everyone add me to your buddies list if I don't already have you, I always love browsing Submissions tabs on profiles! PM for MSN Messenger if you ever wanna chat. View, rate, comment, and subscribe!



Uploaded 12/28/2008
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