My First Real Blog about EW

I have learned alot from a member here on EW by the name of Keldon, very much helpful.

so here goes a long blog for my first time.  

Ok so there has been alot of shit going on lately here on EW, I haven't yet figured out the controversy over it all.  The he said she said crap. All the time people on here are Pickering back in forth.  why must they fight so much.  Now one of the great blogger's on here are leaving due to a fucking retard.  I have read this person's blogs, and comments and it seems that they push the topic to the side just so they can bash someone rather than comment on what the real issue is.  You are a fake pathetic excuse ,  You can talk so much shit but you can't back up anything you say.  Every time someone says that you did this or why you did this your first response is to be a smart ass and come back with useless nonsense.   I understand the need for human interaction, but you have gone so far to say what ever you can to make your self seem  well in reality ,,fucking retarded. Badgering is nothing to be so much well known for.  How about you go home, grab a pencil, write something down that is useful, and don't come back on here till you actually can speak like a educated person.  Not a hillbilly redneck inset-ed retard.     Thank you

Oh and One more thing, what the hell is up with people copying other's pics on here for the profile pic.  WTF come on for can't be original and do something of your own.  wow , all I have to say is you are a lazy bastard.  
Uploaded 07/19/2011
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