My first selections with MMJ license

I got my license for medical marijuana (MMJ) today.  I had to see a real doctor.  He really checked my back (wasn't sure he would).  I clearly had scoliosis and I told him I have daily pain in my back (I do) and sometimes that pain becomes acute (it does).  I got a recommendation and the process for getting my permanent license is underway.


Today, I got my temporary license.  I went to two dispensaries and  purchased three 1/8 ounce portions of weed.  I bought two strains of indica, one strain of sativa, and got a 2 gram sample of a hybrid for free for being a 'new customer' to the dispensary.  I also got two hash oil cookies and a caramel chocolate brownie with .75g of pure THC extract that was cooked using a hash oil infused fat called 'cannabutter' as freebies.


The sativa:  "Cracker Jack"  This is a cross between Jack Herrer and Green Crack sativa.  It's insanely orange and has great, citrus smell.  It tastes good when burned.  It supposedly has a 'mental' high.


The hybrid:  "SFV OG"  Is half sativa (Chemdog) and half indica (OG Kush).  This was the free 2 grams I got for being a new customer.  It was simply labelled 'special reserve' and was set aside on the counter.  These are apparently two legendary strains for each of their subspecies.  I took one hit of this when I got home and it hit me like a brick in the head.  That's a good thing.  The name stands for San Fernando Valley OG.


Indica #1:  "Grand Daddy Purple"  When I went to the first dispensary, I asked them "If you wanted to impress me with the strongest weed in the shop, which one would you pick?"  Without hesitation, he pointed at the GDP.  Yes, it's really purple.  It's more purple than green.  It cost a few bucks more, but hell, it's my first day with my license.  It's fucking crazy. 


Indica #2:  "LA Confidential Purple"  When I got to the second dispensary, I asked the same question.  Without hesitation he pointed to his purple weed too.  This one was light green and the purple parts look more black than purple.  This one is almost 30% THC.  I took a small bong hit of this one and my lips literally went numb.  30% THC is insane.  There are types of hash that barely have 30% THC.  Hands down the winner here.  Also, this is at the dispensary that's closest to my house.

Uploaded 08/07/2010
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