My First Time Getting High

      The first time I really got high was when I was 15. I don't mean the 1st time I smoked weed because as a lot of you might know from experience, the 1st couple of times you smoke weed, it might not get you stoned.

      The 1st time I smoked weed. It was some good green & it was up on this lookout point with this chick named Alisha. I had just transfered to a new school & she was the hottest chick there, well at least I though so. 5'5" blond, blue eyes, & some D titties. When I got to class I noticed her & of course she had the fat friend & I made small talk with her & casually mentioned that I thought her friend was smoking hot. I watched in horror as right after I said that, she casually walked over to her & blatantly said, "The new guy likes you!" Dumb bitch got put me on blast. Horrofied I watched Alisha mouth back to her, "Tell him I'm not interested." Anyway, to make a long story short hard work paid off cuz I eventually got her. Weeks later we were up on the hill in my Honda (Yeah it was a bucket but it had beat) & Alisha pulled out a joint. Thinking it would help me get to the promised land quicker, I hit the shit out the joint like a old school pro. She asked me if it was my 1st time smoking weed & of course I replied, "Hell nah girl, I smoke ALL the time!" well a few minutes later I was hungry as shit & all I could think about was some nachos from 7-11.

      Now, Alisha was down so I figured I would get some munchies & then stab back up the hill & slide right into some good sex with her in the backseat or on the hood of the car. The funny thing is, somewhere between getting the nachos & a pack of condoms, I decided to have a 30min fuckin' conversation at 7-11 with the graveyard shift worker. Man... weeds a muthafucka, We in 7-11 with Alisha in the car, talking everything from politics to weather. By the time I got back out to the car she was ready to call it a night. Going back up the hill was out of the question.

      So I took Alisha home & reflected on how the night wasn't going exactly as I planned but I still felt pretty good. I pulled into my mom's house & when I walked past my downstairs neighbor's house I heard a voice,

"Hey you come here."

Now my mom's neighbors were some smoking hot college chicks. I could see them through the window & they were in some smokin' hot wife beaters & boxers. They also happened to have a bong out on the floor.

"Here hit this" The sexy one named Lolly said.

Acting like the mac, I toked that shit. Not even saying that this was my first night smoking weed. I proceeded to just get my toke on. After what seemed like forever, I ended up in Lolly's room. "Damn!" I'm thinking to myself. I'm in my fine ass college neighbor's room. high as fuck. I might just get laid. Lolly offer's me a cocktail. I of course am happy to accept. We start drinking & now I'm feeling like this might be it. We are laying on her bed & she's rubbing her nicely manicured nails all over my body. She explains to me that she thought I was hot, but didn't know how old I was. I told her I was old enough & placed my lips on hers. It was starting to get hot & heavy when there was a knock at the door. Here is the defining moment of the night. I offered to answer it & tell whoever it was to fuck off. I get up off Lolly's bed with the quickness & tell who ever it is at the door to go fuck their self & buzz off when a recognizable voice says, "Cannon, is that you? Boy you better open that door!" It was my mom!

     High & drunk I completely forgot where I was at, & my mom seeing my car in the driveway went downstairs to ask my neighbors if the had seen me. At that moment my night was pretty much a wrap. Although failing to score,I can still laugh about it with my mom, who was cool enough not to ground me for the rest of the summer that year.  & as far as Lolly goes... I never ended up getting to hit that, but with Alisha, The next date we had went much better. I ended up finally making it a memorable summer. If whoever bought that Honda later that year only knew!

Uploaded 08/25/2008
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