My Friend's Nasty Saturday Night.

    On Saturday, October 18, my friend was with his girlfriend. Now you may want to know that my friend has not gotten into a girls pants yet. But Saturday he was feeling lucky! He took her to dinner, then he took her to the movies, then they just talked for a while and around midnight he drove into an secluded yet pretty area to see how lucky he would get.

They kept on chatting and then they began to make out. As they made out it became more and more intense, it was clear they both wanted each other. My friend, being a gentleman thought it would be a pretty good to try and go down on her. So he slowly started kissing her lower and lower and lower and then began to unbutton her pants and pull them down and then removed her panties too. He then began to taste a vagina for the first time in his life. He found the taste poor and did not enjoy it, but under the seat of his car he came across a Jolly Rancher, he popped it in his mouth to cover up the taste and continued to eat her out. As he finished up he realized that the Jolly Rancher was no longer in his mouth. He didn't want to tell his girl that he just dropped a Jolly Rancher in her spasm chasm, so naturally he went back for seconds! After licking thru her vagina, he came across that Jolly Rancher. But when he bit down to catch it back into his mouth, it exploded and blood and puss shot all into his mouth and face. What he had just bitten was no Jolly Rancher. It was a herpies wart.


Uploaded 10/20/2008
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