My gabby_n dream

It starts out that I wake up in the morning with my cell phone ringing. I pick it up to find out Gabby is in trouble and she needs my help. Somebody has kidnapped her and they want $2 million or else she gets it. So I grab my M16 and I run out the door and hop into my Lancer and speed off. Luckily I put a micro-chip in one of Gabby's lunches and it has a gps locator on it and I know exactly where she is. These kidnappers are going to get straight up killed. I drive to an abandoned warehouse where the gps is going off at. I sneak into the back and take out the gaurd thats watching the door to the control room. I open the door real slow and there is another thug sittin there watching some cameras, I go up behind him and snap his neck and shut down the cameras. A little after that I hear running and screaming and know, shit is about to go down. I run out the door and get behind a corner and turn and start firing. I take down 3 of the 5 and all I can think about is if Gabby is ok. I run into the main conference room and see Gabby sitting there tied up. I un-tie her and we sprint to my car. We get in and pull away, speeding behind us are 2 BMWs with some more thugs in them. I tell Gabby to take the wheel but she is to scared to. So I lean out the window, gunfire flying past my head, and start shooting at the BMWs behind me. I start steering the car with my foot and weaving in and out of traffic. I shoot on of the BMWs wheels and the thug spins out and flips over and causes a huge ball of wreckage, I think it's over so I stop the car and get out to look back at what i've done. As me and Gabby stare at the fire a man walks through the smoke, he pulls out a gun and takes a shot at Gabby, I dive in front and take the shot in the shoulder. My gun goes flying to the right and Gabby runs over behind my car with the gun laying down next to her, she goes to pick it up, but the bastard thug takes it and grabs her arm and pulls her over to me. He pulls out a pistol and points it at her head and is about to pull the trigger, but I wrap my leg around his and trip him. The gun goes off but into the air, I jump on his hand and start slamming it into the concrete, we wrestle for a bit but he eventually punches me right in my bullet wound and I can't handle the pain, I fall on the ground to look up and see his face staring at mine. He pulls up the pistol right into my eye and asks me if I have any last words. I say, "Yea look behind you." He turns around and boom, he gets shot right in the chest, falls to his knees and dies on the spot. As his body falls flat on the ground I see Gabby standing there, holding my M16 with the nozzle smoking. I look at her and here the ambulances in the distance, then I lean back and close my eyes.



Uploaded 11/25/2008
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