My GREATEST Christmas present of all...

 I'll be the first to admit, when thinking about what I want for Christmas the first thing that came to mind was a new IPhone 4GS... I love the IPhone 3GS I have, but would love to have the more updated version... 

     Thinking about it now though, I have to tell you that the GREATEST Christmas present I will receive this year is much more simple and much more VALUABLE by far: My husband, DreaD08, will be home this year.

     As many of you know, my husband was in Afghanistan for Christmas last year... part of the 22 total months we spent apart as a family because of this damned war. He was being shot at in Marjah, Afghanistan last Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day... but was amazingly able to call me the morning of Christmas in AZ to talk to me, tell me he was still alive, and to talk to our then 3-year-old son. When I saw his name pop up on the caller ID of my phone last Christmas morning, we were in the middle of opening presents. I will admit that aside from trying to buy my son the WORLD (since his daddy was MIA for good reason), I was a total Scrooge last holiday season. My parents even bought me a pair of Care Bears PJ pants that say "Bah Humbug" all over them to make light of my less than thrilled attitude toward the holiday season. I was BEYOND THRILLED that he called that morning- as I knew he was out in Marjah with bullets flying past his head and IED's going off all around him- that he took the time to make sure to call was my GREATEST present of all last year...

     I think sometimes we all get caught up in what we "want", versus what we actually "need". I may or may not get that IPhone 4S this year, but I can tell you in all honesty, that I don't really care. The BEST gift I can receive this year is that of my dear Husband- being HOME with us, celebration WITH us, and all the other joys that come with it. I remember last year I asked my son what he wanted more than anything for Christmas and he answered with the most sincerity, "Daddy." The answer made me cry last year because I couldn't give him THAT one thing, but at least this year he will have his daddy home- safe and secure- and loving the look on his son's face as he opens all his presents from "Santa".

     I ask each of you this holiday season to take a minute to sit back and really think for a moment. What is MOST important? What is the GREATEST gift you can have? Family and friends is my most sincere answer- and this holiday season I am ANYTHING but a Scrooge. Please give thanks for those in your life, and PLEASE say a silent prayer for our troops over in this war still. Thousands of families will spend this Christmas without a beloved one because they are over there FIGHTING everyday for our right to celebrate this season, and they miss their families so much it hurts. Pray for them, their safety, and their continuing strength through these hard times. Not everyobody will get their Christmas wishes this year, but I know my son and I have ours- my husband and his daddy...

Uploaded 12/11/2011
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