My halloween wrap up.

I had a better halloween experience than fathead did.  No vandalism to speak of.  I mentioned moving from Texas last year.  It seemed to me that the holiday was in the process of a long slow death there.  It was just not celebrated by many people any more.  Only every ninth or tenth house would have a porch light on and few of the houses were decorated.


This year, my neighborhood in NW Vegas was HOPPING!  There was an insane conga line of kids lined up around the block.  Most houses were decorated and several went whole hog with a spook house theme.  We had neighbors camoflaged as shrubs lunging at kids, compressed air spiders popping up, and people who did total garage conversions.  I had some older kids trick or treat like fathead did, but their costumes were so kick ass that I didn't even mind.


I used to try to debate with my neighbors in Texas about their problems with the holiday.  These were the same kind of people who forbade their kids from playing Pokemon because the creatures "evolved" and thought that Harry Potter was a warlock and in league with the devil.  When I tried to explain the pagan origins of Christmas and Easter, they almost literally slapped their hands over their ears and started shouting "lalalalalalala!"


All in all, great holiday this year.  My kids had an absolute ball.  My son dressed up as Osama Bin Ladin and my daughter was Nancy Pelosi.  I dressed up as George Bush with devil horns and the strap on knife dildo from the film Seven.









Not really.  Just fucking with you.  My son (6) was Darth Vadar.  My daughter (11) was a zombie.  I have a comfortable, soft dragon mask that I wore with regular clothes.  I'm a big guy, so it still had a good affect on the kids.

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