My heated exchange with Piers Morgan of CNN

Just got into a lively exchange with CNN's Piers Morgan on my Twitter:

ME: Hey @piersmorgan stop being so ignorant! I'd blame 24 hr news cycles before violent video games for the increase in school shootings!

Piers: @OpieRadio And I bet you radio guys have barely mentioned it, right? Don't be such flaming hypocrites.

ME: Hey @piersmorgan I MEAN IDIOT I'll guarantee we've taken a way more honest approach than stupid @cnnbrk including not focusing on shooter

ME: @PiersMorgan how badly does @cnnbrk want to put Chuck E Cheese in Google Maps to find more surviving 6 year olds to interview? #NotHelping

ME: @piersmorgan you don't think @cnnbrk using the graphic "small coffins" is not sensationalizing the tragedy? At least I can sleep at night you phoney!

Piers: @OpieRadio You lead the way then, don't mention another word about it. Then you won't be such a shameless hypocrite.

ME: p.s. @piersmorgan U didn't answer my question. Does the media influence others to shoot up a school. You're not dumb but you are DISHONEST!

Piers: @OpieRadio I like you guys, but please stop being so ridiculous. You've covered this story and debated it, I've heard you

ME: @piersmorgan jesus it's not about liking us! UR blowing off an important angle! DOES 24hr NEWS COVERAGE INFLUENCE FUTURE SCHOOL SHOOTINGS?

ME: @piersmorgan your silence to my question SPEAKS VOLUMES! #Checkmate @OpieRadio 1 @piersmorgan 0 Good day sir! btw soccer sucks!

Piers: @OpieRadio it's not soccer, it's'football' - the real kind, no helmets, no pads, round ball, global audience....

ME: @piersmorgan I'd rather watch Mark Sanchez throw 4 more interceptions than that dreck! Just answer the question! Would be real journalism

Piers: @OpieRadio My answer is I think CNN's coverage has been utterly outstanding - reporting the news with empathy, compassion and dignity.

ME: @piersmorgan Good for you guys BUT that wasn't my question. I know that you know that you can't honestly answer the question! #Face

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Uploaded 12/18/2012
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