My Highly Educated Diagnosis of the Neko Persecution

In my career as an educator and mentor to some of the best young minds America has to offer, persecution and personal attacks have always hindered the most brilliant students. Most often times the aggressors are the most tragic type of people I can imagine.  The most aggressive and jealous people tend to be individuals that are self-aware enough to realize they are either average or worse. These individuals suffer from an agonizing condition, because they have the ability to recognize the lack of talent and skill they have and can in turn recognize individuals that are superior. As a result they will always  seek to bring the more skilled or intelligent down to their level.

I can tell by what i have witnessed this week, we are dealing with college drop outs at best. One of the worst offenders in Neko's persecution is a volunteer. You heard me right someone, that thinks so lowly of their own abilities that they feel the need to suck up to a paid college dropout staff member. Now that is a lack of self esteem.

The real problem for our volunteer is that the person he would compromise all integrity for is a dis-engaged under achiever that spends most of his time wondering what he could have become if only he were just a bit more intelligent and skilled.

In closing I would just like to say that this was not intended to put down Nyyank and Pepperpeanut. I just wanted to explain to those of you who wonder why they would side with people as full of hate as Tyeada and Rednote67.

Speaking of tearing down others for your own self esteem, how did that final vote blog turn out ty? I remember you said there would be a follow up. I think we all know why there hasn't been. Jealousy makes you less attractive than even your complete lack of hope for a decent future.
Uploaded 10/04/2011
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