My honest wife

Last night I was driving home with my wife. On the way home she was nagging me about my driving. Now, I dont know whats up with women being backseat drivers but I always keep my mouth shut when she is driving because I want to keep my nuts. Its like a double standard. Anyway, I was driving (perfectly) along when my wife yelled, "slow down, theres a cop up a head!" Now I dont know what you guys do but when my wife yelled, I panicked! So I put on the breaks and that made the cop notice me even more. Needless to say the cop pulled me over. When the officer walked to my window I asked, "whats the problem officer?" The officer replied, "you were going 65 in a 55 zone." I sincerely replied," No, my speedometer said 55." But then my wife said to me, "now you know you were going 70." My jaw just about hit the floorboard. Just before I could say anything the office stated, "I'm also giving you a ticket for the broken taillight." I replied, "A broken taillight? Im sorry I didnt know I had one!" Then my wife spoke up and said," You know you had one for weeks now." I was about to slap the bitch. Then the officer said he was going to give me another ticket for not wearing my seatbelt! I told him I just took it off as he was walking to the car when my wife told the officer I never wear one! This time I was so enraged I yelled "SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH! Then the officer asked my wife..."does he always talk to you like this?" My wife replied, "No...only when hes been drinking."

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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