My Hot Guys of EBW


This blog is a tribute to all the hot guys on ebaumsworld (at least the ones I think are hot). This is in no order either and I’ll probably forget a few people.


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I think the reason that he’s attractive is the fact that he puts all the fucktards in their place. He’s not afraid to call bullshit but he’s not afraid to have an intellectual conversation either. I think when he first came here people were offended by him and if I’m not mistaken, people would personally attack his replies. I think everyone’s over that now. FYI, port, I do like your sense of humor. Besides, look at that tongue!!


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I think I could seriously get myself off to his funny yet morbid comments about killing people. Serial killers are hot. Maybe that’s just me. What’s better than a serial murderer running around, stabbing people, getting covered in blood, then coming back to you for a nice blowjob and some hardcore sex? Plus, you’d get to live longer. No one is going to kill you while you’re blowing them.


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Reyo really got me going when he was pretending to be a face-raping alien. I thought his comments were hysterical…everyone deserved to get faced raped and he made sure they all knew. I liked the avatar too but the retarded animal babies avatar isn’t too bad, I guess. :-P He’s quickly become one of my favorite people.


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I’m not too sure when WhyNot and I began getting along so well. I think it was when we both realized that we have the same morals. If I was a dude and lived higher up north, I’d be WhyNot.


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I think it’s because of his obvious racism. I like it. I just think he and I would be good friends if we ever met.


I know I didn't mention some people. Some people I didn't mention for a reason. It's not that I don't think that they are hot, it's just that the comments are different. The people above always make me crack up:

Ellimem- I would have written about you but you seem like a higher authority figure. That's not to say that you're not hot, it's just that you remind me of my dad or my teacher. It's more that I have to respect you than make a blog about you, you know?

mysteryvo- I don't know you all that well but your car is fucking hot...

I can't believe I forgot Kaustic!!! He's a military man too! Kaustic, you have got to be hot in real life. Online though, your intelligence is what makes you stand out. It seems like you never have a bad blog or a dumb reply. You clearly think things through. I'd definitely want you around in a time of crisis because you seem like you'd be fast, smart, and heroic.

Phuck_Ebaum- nice to see you back and sorry I forgot. Here's your spot, babe.

(I can always add people that I forgot.)




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