my husband is going to divorce me

because i was "involved" in the dissapearance of his precious cat.

first off, he loves the cat more than he loves me. when he wakes up or comes home from work he wont even kiss me until he has made the cat food mixture and petted it while it eats. then they snuggle up on the couch and he scratches it for hours. i get nothing unless he wants sex. he said the cat is his "bro" and "bro's before hoes".

i hate pets-just the ones that you have to clean up their shit. it mostly goes outside but this nasty thing is 22 pounds so it is the size of a dog. it gets hair and fleas everywhere, scratched my kid and throws up on the carpet all the time.

so after a sleepless night of being up with a sick baby i finally said fuck it and went to take a shower and get ready for work. and this stupid 22 pound cat had taken a big old shit in the bathroom so i had to get ready in shit smell.

so i got pissed, said the f word alot and punched the wall and threw the cat out the door. it whined for a while trying to get back in and i went to work and that is the last i heard of it. this fat ass never misses a meal-hes fucking gone! and my husband said he is going to be "real pissed off" if the cat doesnt come back. he thinks i beat it up. i would have liked to but i only just verbally abused it.

fuck...i am never going to hear the end of this


Uploaded 10/15/2008
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