My interesting dream

I don't really get too many strange or weird dreams but last night I did have one. I don't remember the whole thing but I was literally looking up at the night time sky and gazing at Andromeda (our closest neighbor galaxy) and from what I remember it was fucking huge and bright and just a total mind blowing experience for someone who is literally dreaming. It kept getting bigger and brighter and I remember flying through it looking at planets and trying to find life or planets that supported life. Anyway I ended up finding one that looked just like earth and when I got there it had everyone I knew and loved on it and they were all happy. I don't know what this means but I figured it means something. Anyway I woke up and felt like god just fucked me or something. I do believe in extraterrestrial life, we can't be the only ones there are like millions of galaxies out there. To say we are alone is kinda retarded and self centered. Whatever hope you liked this story. *throws glitter in the air*
Uploaded 06/18/2012
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