My Job

I am in college and i have the sweetest job on campus, i pick up the recycling.  I know it is not that great sounding of a job, but it is fun, easy, laid back and one of the top paying jobs on campus.  I am in college in a small town and there are really no other jobs out there right now, just like the rest of the country it seems like.  For my job my boss only cares that our sections on campus are picked up, once those are done he does not care what we do with the rest of the day, that is why i am on here a lot.  Well i can finish my section in one to two hours and i can fuck around the rest of work.


the problem is that one of the new guys is fucking around too much.  he has not showing up at all or not doing his section when he does show up and this is rocking the boat.  If my boss found out what we were doing i think he would find other jobs for us to do, and to be honest i am lazy and i don't want to do other jobs. 


So when the new guy does not do his section my boss makes me get it, which is no problem it only takes another hour or so to finish.  the problem is i do not want my boss catching on, i have this semester and summer till i graduate and i want to keep this job that long.


so do i do the kids work, and hope my boss does not catch on, or do i just tell on the kid get him fired, take his section also, and let my boss go back to being clueless about what we do. 


why do people enjoy fucking up something good?

Uploaded 02/17/2009
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