my laid back weekend



You know whats crazy is how addictive this site is. I dont even know what it is, I honestly dont care about the points. Maybe its the recognition. I dunno.


Anyways this weekend was pretty much laid back as the last one. I do my weekly friday with a epsom salt bath n hookah. Good way to end a week of good hard work. Earnin the dollars. Almost outta this shit hole country, Im just playing.


You know Korea is not that bad of a place, it was pretty fun, Im going to miss it. Id definitely come back. Would I suggest it to a tourist? Probably no. Unless youre big into bar hopping. I guess itd be a cheap vacation. Now dont go on your soap box spreadin word that ol' froggie is a dirty American. I got into the culture too, just not that much to do in this country other then drink.


Yes the food is amazing. Luckily we get these shots to protect against the food poisoning is all I can say, lol. Mammasan is this cook in a certain town we usually go to. The food she makes is obviously for drunk people, deep fried who-know-whats. Sometimes when it gets busy she leans over workin the grill fast as she can, letting sweat drip into the food. Yah.. pretty unclean. But hey thats what we get shots for, and I think it gives it a salty kick.


Well, Im going to sleep. Be in the greatest country in the world here in a couple weeks, I can not wait. Jesus its been so long. Momma Im comin home!

Uploaded 09/26/2010
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