My Last Blog

My Last blog here is more accurate. I'll continue to write at other venues, might copy/paste something I've written on other sites, but I've reached the bottom of this rabbit hole.

My reasons are simple. No one here gives a fuck about me, about you, about the world, about thought, about any God Damned thing of any relevance. Just cock, tits, pussy and pussy cats. I tried the live chat. Met some rather interesting folks, but the subject matter is always, just cock, tits, pussy and pussy cats. You can type in maybe a maximum of three words for people to read it before it gets scrolled off  the page. There is an interesting drawing feature that was fun for a few hours, but the images always ended up being, you guessed it, cock, tits, pussy and pussy cats.

There are few good bloggers here, I like Snafoo's  work and Andrew is a good writer, but he has a tendency to troll and I've had enough of that crap. All the other good bloggers have moved on and I'll join them at our new home.

I'd like to thank the folks at eBaum's for all the fun and interesting times I've had here. I'm not sure where the blog section will end up in a year from now, but I really see no point to it, unless you are looking for cock, tits, pussy and pussy cats and the odd transsexual fashion tip. Adios Amigos!


Uploaded 07/11/2011
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