My Lesson Plans

Just emailed in my plans for next week.  My substitute is having trouble with one of my classes.  I had a very popular male sub for the first week.  I've got an intensely unpopular female sub for the last 7 work days.  They fucking hate her. 


"She's so mean!"


I went in last Friday.  I went into my classroom to print out my grades, check email, and communicate with the second sub.  This is all shit I'm not supposed to do.  I'm not medically released to do any work.  Fuck it.  It needs to be done, right?


The kids were totally shitting on this woman.  Due to state budget woes, we don't get planning periods anymore. 


"Fuck you, do it at home or just stay a couple of hours later a few days a week."


Whatever.  Things are tough all over.  At least I'm not laid off, right?


Out of six periods, I have two that are annoying.  One, critcally so.  I've got 4 kids that have totally given up in all of their classes and are extreme discipline problems.  Hey, that's what happens when you're a male middle school teacher.  You get the kids the other teachers are afraid of.  What's more, these two classes have well over 30 students in them, all hitting puberty simultaneously.  These kids are pretty tough to motivate and/or control.  I just got one of them to start doing the bare minumum to get by.  I was heel clicking happy.


I guess they forgot I was in back, wearing sweats, unshaven, in too much pain to speak in a raised voice, and in a rotten mood.  I flicked the lights a couple times.  I can't raise my voice.  Anything that tenses my abdomen was just awful last Friday.  So I used my Clint Eastwood variant of my own voice.  You could've heard a pin drop.  I gave a short monologue about how it puzzles me that some people have the sense of entitlement to be intentionally rude to others.  Did it make them think that it made them cool?  I also said that I was disappointed because I didn't think I'd be making any parent phone calls while recovering from surgery.


Chirping crickets for the rest of the class.  Being a sub would suck.


Here's part of my plans:


 For eighth graders: Students will work on the same assignment for Monday and Tuesday.


Students will work out of the Prentice Hall physical science book. 


Students will work individually.  


Students will read pages 408-421.  


Students will take a test grade, open note quiz on Friday.  Anything they write down on paper is fair to use.  I will not provide any formulas for the math problems on the quiz.  They should write any formulas, emboldened vocabulary words with definitions, and sample problems in preparation for the quiz.  Tell them that I'm going to ask them where kinetic and potential energies are at maximums and minimums in diagrams.  Emphasize that this quiz will be weighted more heavily than they're used to.  


Students will do Section 1 Review on page 413 and Section 2 Review on page 421.    


Kids hate doing bookwork.  But that's an inherent problem with being a science teacher, most subs can't teach one of your lessons.  This way, we can do all of the cool activities when I get back. 

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