My life sucks. But it's STILL better than yours

   Another gig tonight. I'm tired as fuck, and don't feel like going out, but a gig's a gig. It doesn't pay as well as I'd like (My cut: $150.00 for three hours) but I need the money, and I know I'll enjoy myself once I get up to the venue.

   Next week we have a relatively big one. It'll be high-profile, and a lot of people who've never heard of us, will. Looking forward to that, as well as the release of the CD, if that ever happens.

   Jesus fuck, my life's been boring lately. Not as boring as some of the illiterate trolls who seem to never, EVER leave Moms' basement, but boring nonetheless.

   But that looks like it's going to change this winter. I have some very interesting private parties lined up, and I will most likely get to play with a couple of my heroes, again.

   Why am I trying to impress you all with this bullshit, you may ask?

   I'm not trying to impress anyone. I am a musician, that's what I do for a living, when I'm lucky. And if you feel the need to comment negatively on this brog ("You're full of shit, you're not a musician, you won't play with anyone but your dick."..) keep in mind that the only reason to write shit like that is pure jealousy. No, I'm not a rockstar, but I'm working on it. lol

   Regarding Tys' blog- I have to say, I'm in a great relationship with a woman I love. We've been together a couple years now, and she is better to me than any woman I've ever been with.


   But, every time I'm out and see an attractive woman, I fuck her in my mind.

   If she talks to me, I will frequently think about fucking her.

   At one point, I almost had an affair with a woman I was working with, but I ended up squashing it, because fresh pussy, good as it may have been, isn't worth losing what I have.

   Fifteen years ago (and, let's be honest... Three years ago) I had no control over my dick. It went where it wanted to go. That had quite a bit to do with the drugs, I'm sure, but still...

    It's nice to be able to look her in the eye and know I never cheated.

   Hope I can keep it up if the band goes on the road. She's worth it.

   But yeah, Ty- we all look, and we ALL think about it.

   Have a great day, or don't. I don't particularly care either way.   :)

Uploaded 08/19/2011
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