My Life Sucks

So basely my life is now in ruins. Like an atom bomb just blew up in my face. Now I know my life effing sucks. So today it started like every otehr day. Jocks wedging me till my shit was up my brain, skater kids shoving thir boards up my ass till my anus bleeds or whatever the fuck. But what happened next just makes me want to die. So i was in writing class and we were writing poems and i wrote this crazy poem tha went

"You're the sunlight that gets me up in the morning

the smile that keeps me going

You're always on my mind

I wish you'd be mine"

    and whatever the fuck i wrote after that. So i finally got the courage to give it to the girl of my dreams. Then she goes "Hey, if you think this is your ticket to getting in my pants just fuck off. besides your tits are fucking bigger than mine. Hell you've fucking got DDs"

I'm not going to lie i am "hefty" and "big bones" but just because i'm fucking fat doesn't mean she can effing talk about my moob size. please respond?

Uploaded 05/31/2008
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