My Lovely Coworkers

Living in a small town, we get the best kind of people working in the retail store:


Brian: The alcoholic, strip club loving anger-management-class-dropout general manager of the store. Enough said.


Judy: Fortunately for Judy, we live in a time when overweight redneck motorcycle nuts are treated just like every one else.


Janice K.: Every year she seems to be prone to a foot injury.  She also likes to hoard clearance merchandise in the backroom, and smacking my ass. Sorry, Janice, but 80 year old women don't really float my boat.


Penny and Gene: I really like these people, so I don't want to trash talk them.


Mona: Gotta love the 80 year old woman working as an accountant. Prone to losing hundreds of dollars, then blaming it on Gene.


Joyce: Flat out crazy bitch, but she keeps a candy dish on her desk full. And scares the hell out of me.


Joe: The little wimpy guy in recieving. Lives under the Iron-rule of his wife, who, needless to say, is a total bitch.


Shane: Although he's in his late forties and illiterate, hes still a cool guy.


Janice S.: While similar to Janice K, Janice S. is obsessed with getting pay from a two hour period. From 2 years ago. Eventually I'll give her 11 dollars so she'll shut up.


Elise: If you've ever done anything, shes also done it. One time I was telling her that my Uncle went to the moon (a complete lie). Not only did she say her relative went to the moon, but also that he was the secret conspiracy ruler of the world.


Jason: The gay guy who hits on me. He's ok besides that.


Renee and Ashley: Two twins. Let that soak in...twins. Now let this soak in...really ugly...oh yea.


Dan: Quiet guy who does a lot of the work. Kinda weird.


And finally, Amanda: The really hot girl who works behind the customer service counter. I say hot, until she opens her mouth, because not only does she hold her mouth really weirdly, she is dumb as shit.




Uploaded 11/16/2008
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