my lyfe story

the details of my life are pointless so where do i begin i was born in detroit michigan in my 2nd grade summer brake my family packed me up and moved me to a place you do not need to know my name is smallaballa i peed the bed untill i was 13 and i am 14 now and still have a little leakage once in a while when i am going to be a sophmore i like jacking off, boobs and pussy but the closest i get to either is on my com or in a elevator i have a small social life i sit around home all day long and sneak out at night to get high and drunk with friends the reason i pee the bed now mostly is because i black out a lot and never wake up to go the bathroom i have about a 6 inch penis and a very weak cum shot( any suggestions on how to make it larger feel free to comment) i had one girlfriend and she was hot as fuck and i never kissed a girl before i do get asked out a lot by ugly girls and fat girls i wold concider my eyes my best feature i am not fat and have some muscle because i do lift weights i dont play any sports i have tried to kill myself and i figured i sould do it now because i could get a full page in the year book and that would be somthing to look foward to but then i realized i would never see it and i would die a virgin there are many times when i cry at night... pleaze comment on my lyfe

Uploaded 08/20/2008
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