My Meeting with Wallboy

Now, Ive never really met Wallboy.  If I had though, I think it would go something like this:

joe_chemo2005 (jc) Hey Wallboy.  How goes it?

Wallboy (wb) Fuck you neo-con republicommie!  The republidroids suck.

jc: Whoa man.  All I did was say hello.  Its not like I started to bash Obama yet.

wb: Fuck you! HES HUMBLE AS FUCK!

jc: Who?  The Big-O?

wb: Of course!  HES HUMBLE AS FUCK!  He is so great he can eat nails, walk on water, and shit ice cream!

jc: Nice 1980s throwback there.  But, seriously, whats your deal?  You make erroneous arguments.  When people point that out, you get all pissy.  You just start to talk about the things that you have done or places where you have lived.

wb: Fuck you!  I teach kids!  Theyve touched me and Ive touched them!  I know farmers!  They work for a living!  Ive lived in two states!  I go to meetings!  Praise Obama!  HES HUMBLE AS FUCK!

jc:  OK.  Im not going anywhere near the kids thing.  And so what, you live in the hicks.  Do you really know any of those farmers?  And what has The Big-O really done?

wb: Praise Obama!  HES HUMBLE AS FUCK!  He is worthy of praise!

jc:  So, you really  have no arguments as to why The Big-O was a good choice to be president?

wb: HES HUMBLE AS FUCK!  He deserved the Nobel Peace Prize!

jc: You realize that he was first nominated for it just because hes not President Bush, right?  He didnt do anything to deserve the nomination.  If the international community loves him so much, why didnt he land the Olympics for Chicago?

wb: Fuck you!  HES HUMBLE AS FUCK!  I bought a whore in Chicago!  She was great.  Her name was Ralph.  Reagan was a Pinko Commie bastard that sucked the religious cock.

jc: No.  Reagan was not a communist.  He was very much a conservative.  And what is the deal with a whore named Ralph?

wb: Reagan made people work for a living! OBAMA IS HUMBLE AS FUCK!  I lived in the 70s.  That TV show did it all wrong!  It wasn't like that.  I lived with draft dodgers!  Dont be st00pid!  The whore Ralph was great.  Her adam's apple was bigger than mine!


                At this point I would have to leave, because Wallboy has no valid arguments.  Hes middle aged and acts like a 13-year-old.  While he has outrageous points of view that are horribly wrong, it is entertaining to read his drivel some times.  He does occasionally have a blog or comment that is droll.   

                  In closing, wallboy is an idiot.  He has no valid arguments.  He drinks the Kool-Aid by the gallon.  Now, I look forward to the ridiculous comments that wally will leave. 

Uploaded 10/20/2009
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