My mom's been a little weird today.

Well, more like just tonight, but yeah.


My boyfriend and I got home at about 10 from hanging out with my dad. (mom and dad divorced) And when we got there, she automatically bitched about her being on the computer, and watching some tv at the same time. But the thing is, at my house, it's not "allowed". She only does this when my brother's not home, because I guess you can say he's better at arguing than me, and can work his way around it somehow. (I'm still learning)

So anywho, after that she gets off the computer to sit on the couch and watch tv, and a few minutes earlier, my boyfriend had accidentally dropped the remote, and it was on the floor, not 2 feet away from the couch.

And this pisses my mom off. She said "Come fuckin pick it up. It shouldn't be my resposibility to pick up shit that I didn't drop" But again - it was less than 2 feet away from her. Yeah, kinda stupid to rant about this, but it pissed me and my boyfriend off so bad that we decided to leave again.


We went to Meijer, walked around for a while, rode the bikes, and got bored pretty quickly, so we said fuck it and went to my house again.

My boyfriend gets on the computer, and my mom flips out again, and tells him to move because she "had something minimized" So she practically pushes him out of the way and exits out of whatever was on the screen, like she was to burn in hell if we ever saw what was up.


Later on, I decide to look at the history on my computer, because of her being so suspicios, when I find a ton, and I mean a fuckin' ton of dating site shit. Like, older women, younger men shit.


So I scroll down the list some more, and lord and behold, I come accross a thing that she typed in on google saying "I'm attracted to my son's best friend" and "I'm 47, he's 21" and ALL kinda of stuff about that. And I'm kinda thinking it's about my brother's friend Bobby, because she tends to talk to him, and talk ABOUT him quite alot.

But yeah, I didn't say anything to her yet, and I plan to tell my brother next time I see him.


What do you guys think I should do?



No bullshit please!



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