my morning surprise

what a morning. i wake up today and look out my window to see my driveway and lawn flooded. and i think to myself, it will drain eventually, but somethings telling me that this is unatural because we didnt get THAT much rain. but yet, i just move on.  3 hours later i leave to get some lunch, when i notice, im still under 5 inches of water. so by now i know somethings wrong.  i walk over to the storm drain and notice theres no suction, all the water is stagent. so i do what anyother curious person would to, i grab a long stick, and start, poking around, until, i hit something thats kinda soft. i poke it a couple more times and deduce that whatever that is, its the problem. so i go back inside to get my fire poking tool. b.c i decide its too big for a wooden stick. and after several minutes of poking, and yanking, i finally free up the drain, when then proceedes to suck like a madman. i look down to see what the obstruction was, to find a raccon. yes god has left me a lil animal to play with at 9 in the morning. wonderful. how am i going to get rid of it.  my guess is its leg got stuck in the drain, then drowned.

i am still left with the trouble of disposing of it. i decide to leave it on my lawn until after ive had my morning whopper.  but come back to find out the lil woodland critters to have taken care of my problem. so all and all, thank you bambi and friends. and i think "today might be a good day afterall"

Uploaded 08/02/2008
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