my movie from when i was in quarantine

Here is a movie that mostly resembles my situation. Jake helped with the ideas.

Im being played by Elijah Wood and im one of the best students at MIT's disease control ward. I am the apprentice of Montel Williams the militarys best chemical weapons specialist. We live on a miltary base and spend most of our time in the "Quarantine Room". One morning I walk into the room to see Montel dead. There is a note on him saying 5 hours. Using my sweet MIT skills i realize i have been infected with some sweet disease. There is noone i can trust so i leave the facility and head back to MIT to the one man i can talk to. The old wise janitor Jeff Goldblum. As i race across town i have the feeling im being followed by a man who looks like Micheal Cane. I finally get to Jeff he brings me into his janitors closet where he lives and very predictibly it leds into a huge room where he lives and does experiments. It turns out he was once MITs best student before he killed his daughter in an experiment gone wrong. Then before he could finish his sentence a poison dart goes into his neck and he drops dead. all he said to me was "the coporations.....the coporations"......i then race out the buliding and go to our head quarters globocorp. At globocorp i then find out that Montel was being set up all along to make a superdisease and not cure AIDS. I then narrowly escape two inept guards played by Bulk and Skull from power rangers. I hail for a cab and Chirs Tucker picks me up. He then lectures to me what to do in a black mans cab and sings 1970's funk songs while swaying back and forth. (WB wanted me to add this to appeal to family audiences). I then jump out of the cab once i see a truck coming out way. Chris Tucker is shot off a bridge and his cab gets flung into the water. He yells something like o no you didnt before he dies. I then finally realize that i need to expose this so i go to Mediacorp. Trying to expose this lie. Little do i know but mediacorp is owned by Globocorp and i am falling into a trap. I am caught and knocked unconscious. I then wake up with a blindfold on and i hear a sterotypical old white man head of the corporation saying you just had to keep digging didnt you..... with his lit cigarette he finally shows his face from behind the smoke and it is none other than my dad played by the dad from boy meets world. He then tells me that I have been an experiment all along and that the mumps were given to me and my other brother Sean Austin (Rudy) when we were young to make us superhumanly strong. However it killed Sean and i then have a flashback to him falling off a cliff yelling no!!!!!! My dad then goes on a rant on how I now noone can know about this failed experiment or the government will shut down globocorp....he then tells me i was told 5 hours to live because he knew i would try to find out what went wrong all by in the mean time trapping myself ............ It then ends with his shutting the door to me chained all alone in the "Quarantine Room" in the pitch black and he says something like "Now noone will be infected with your sickness" then to mess with everyones mind the theme song to wild wild west would come on so nobody would know if a sequel will come out

\m/(^_^)\m/ jeb

Uploaded 08/02/2008
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