My Neighbor's Stains.

So I was going through my neighbor's underwear drawer the other day, and I noticed most of her underwear had an unusual pattern. I was going to ask her about it, but she continues to enforce the restraining order. She keeps her profile locked and even when I'm being good, she flips me off from her window! I guess she's kinda freaked because I told her about the whole incident with Gizmo6969 (see my blog) and now she thinks I'm going to steal her IQ score or something. Which is funny because if I was going to do that I'd go for the gold. But I digress. Maybe I shouldn't have fucked with her headset back in the day when I put a reciever in it and made her think she was hearing voices.... "Audio... Audio..." Hahaha goodtimes... Should have seen the look on her face! But ever since, she's been really paranoid.  I am pretty sure she actually wants me to stalk her though, because for a few days she kept sending me PMs and asking me how I was able make Gizmo pee his pants from 800 miles away.

So anyway back to the stains...

She's probably going to read this and I'm probably going to get slapped with a "Violating terms of a restraining order" or something, but my god! If your afraid I'm going to make you pee your pants Stain, I really don't see the issue here... I've seen your underwear and whatever is on them could probably use a good hosing, anyway. I like the white ones the best, but you could probably use more bleach in the next load. I'm not really complaing, because I'm wearing a pair of them right now, and I promise to return them just as soon as I'm finished with them, which usually only takes about 4 minutes.

I do have to admit the smell, although somewhat odd, was strangely arousing...

So I'm going to give you another 5 days (that's one week in the buisness world, btw) to open your profile so I can stalk you the way you've never been stalked before.

This is RJM and I'm in a naughty StainOfMind.

Uploaded 12/09/2008
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