My neighbors

I live in an apartment so these people 4 groups of people live in the same building as me so not sure if you still call them neighbors but who gives a fuck anyways. There are 4 apartments and i occupy one. The other 3 are all basicaly fucked situations.

To my right, we got these 3 people in there 20's. First is the little leader kid. At first glance, you would think he was a homeless elf. He's about 5'1 and looks Rufus from Bumfights. Now Rufus was the fucking man but this kid, not so much. This kids clothes are as wrinkled as nancy reagans pussy and he smells like dead cats. Then you have this girl who looks like a little globe. She's like 5'3 and is nice and round. Like a bowling ball except i wouldnt stick my fingers anywhere near those holes. Her hair is like blond and i think it falling out. Bitch is kind of scary and looks like a crack addicted tiger. Then you have my personal favorite, the kid who is always wearing dragon button down shirts that are red and blue with chinese symbols and shit. He walks all hunched over and is like 6'1. His dragon shirts though fucking kill me. These are the shirts that 6 year olds wear after seeing a jackie chan movie. And he's like 26.

Above the "Three's Company" cast and to my upper right is a prostitute. Now she doesnt look to bad but you know that pussies been through a beating. Like its been beat with bats, tire irons, and black man cock. When im near her or walk by her i feel the sex coming off her. Part of me wants to grab her by the hair, smack her with a 20 dollar bill, and let her get to work with a blowjob but the other, smarter part knows that will come at the cost of my cock exploding from the battery acid i piss out the next morning. And the kicker to her apartment is she lives with two black homosexuals. Need i say more?

Above me and probably the most decent people in the complex, the illegals. God i dont know how many of them there are but everytime i see one of them, its a different person. But they are good fucking neighbors. One fixed my door and they turned the apartment into a fucking palace. They are always working. Everytime i see one of them hes dirty and has some sort of tool. The other night they were walking down with axes and tree trunks. They werent but one of these days it probably will. But theyre all nice people, all hundred ive seen so far were very polite.

The kicker to this is i live in a kind of rich area. The apartment is located on the busiest street on town with some expensive restaurants, bars, and just a bunch of shit you find in kind of rich neighborhoods.

To whoever feels like grading this wonderful essay, go ahead. Its just kind of weird you look into that shit cause really, who honestly gives a shit?

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