My nephew

I haven't had the patience to write a real blog since new years eve. I'm too tired and when i'm tired i lack motivation. But i thought i would write a quick one to show you this -


This is my nephew as the joker for halloween but i suppose that is apparent from his appearance. Hes only three but looks older because his dad is a giant. Anyways, my sister treats that boy like a doll. She used an eyeliner pencil to color around his eyes and that shit would not come off. He looked like he was wearing guyliner for a week. Hes a little man. He'll repeat anything you say to him which at first made him hard to be around because i like to throw the occasional fuck into polite conversation. I don't have any kids but i love him like hes my own. I like to imagine that he is me as a kid. Its so cool being able to speak to yourself as a child. I'm teaching him to be a badass party animal currently. I'm not one of his parents, i'm just a fun uncle so i am in a unique position to mold him into a complete rebel. I just wanted to write a blog and thought i would share this picture with you bloggers. Doesn't he look rad! Hopefully after a few beers I'll get around to writing an actual blog.

Uploaded 01/06/2012
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